Access The Optimal Human Experience™

If you want to learn the fundamental key to personal development and self-actualization without extra fluff, impractical exercises, or long, complicated meditations ...please claim your spot in the Introduction to the Optimal Human Experience™ below because this may very well be the best way leave your past behind and create the future you desire!

Order Before The Timer Hits Zero And Save $110

What We're Doing

  1. Finally! Learn The Fundamental Key To Self-Improvement, Self-Development, and Personal Growth That You've Never Heard About Before.

  2. Learn The Vital Pathway To Accessing The Optimal Human Experience.

  3. Learn The Ultimate Source of ALL Maladaptive Patterns in Life, Plus Exactly How to Reduce or Eliminate Them (Impatience, Frustration, Irritation, Insecurity, Anxiety, Anger, and much more!)

  4. Achieve Real-World Results Starting In The Very First Session.

How We're Doing It

  1. Four Live Zoom Sessions (On Tuesdays at 2 PM Eastern).

  2. Four Live Q&A Sessions on Zoom (On Thursdays) where you can get your personal questions answered.

  3. Access to recordings of each Module and each Q&A session.

  4. Access to Private Member's Group.

The Requirements

  1. Desktop or Laptop computer for best results and best experience.

  2. Adequate internet service for Zoom sessions.

  3. A quiet place where you can concentrate without distractions for at least an hour for each session.

  4. A burning desire to achieve new levels of personal growth and personal satisfaction.

Start Date

Your first session will be next Tuesday.

Enrollment Closes

Enrollment Closes When The Timer On This Page Hits Zero.

The Investment

I'm going to offer this introductory class at $147 in the near future.

But when you enroll NOW (before this page expires), you can have it for Special "Founder's Pricing" of just $37.

I'm offering this discount because I want more people (like you) to join. 

(Literally. I just want want more people to jump start this new online offering. I don't have any reason more "compelling" than that.)

You see, up to now I've only done personal workshops and 1-on-1 sessions.

Now for the first time I'm offering online access, so you really are a "Founding Member" when it comes to this course.

That means you're saving at least $110 when you enroll today. 

You will learn more from this class (and get better results) than you would from taking something that's ten times more expensive (In fact, with what you learn in this class, you'll be able to supercharge any of the personal development and self-help training you've ever had before).

As an aside, another (admittedly selfish) reason for this discount is that I'm confident that once you get results from this class, you'll be like the majority of the thousands of people I've worked with in-person over the years: You'll be another repeat customer. 

So I know that if I do a good job for you in this class, you'll probably want to take more classes from me in the future. 

P.S. THIS IS NO RISK PURCHASE: Attend the first live session. If for whatever reason you DON'T love it, you've got a full 14 days to get a full refund.

No questions asked, just send an email to and we'll refund your money right away.


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